Harper's Weekly 11/18/1911


Anti-Nicotine Calabash Pipe

THIS splendid Calabash is modeled on the lines of the original
African Calabash Gourd. I have placed in it my famous
Anti-Nicotine Bowl, made of a clay-like material which
absorbs the nicotino and uses it to color the pipe like the finest Meerschaum.
Three for One Dollar You do not have to “break
in” this pipe. There are no vile
fumes. It is always sweet, clean, dry. With German Silver mountings, 40
cents each, three for a dollar. Sent prepaid anywhere with a copy of our
fine catalog of smokers' articles. Send today. Money back if not satisfied.
H. Menges, The Smoker's Friend, 164 Menges Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.

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