Harper's Weekly 03/31/1906


To Men Who Are Accus-
tomed to Cutting Coupons


You never have cut one that gave you more satisfaction
than this one will.

Americans are rapidly finding out what Europeans have
known for a long time—that a Russian Cigaret of high quality
is the only one in the world worth the attention of a con-

morning until night without a trace of that “dopey” or nerv-
ous feeling induced by other cigarets. They will leave in
your office or apartments no trace of the odor usually associated
with cigarets.

They are made of real tobacco, pure, clean and sweet, and
nothing else. They are mild and smooth, but rich in natural
flavor, and as full of “body” as the most critical connoisseur
could wish.

They are made with a mouthpiece an inch and a quarter
long, which takes up nearly all of the nicotine, as you can
prove for yourself.

The tobacco never comes in contact with the mouth, to
become wet and bitter, spoil the flavor, stain the fingers, and
to poison your system by direct absorption of the nicotine
which concentrates in the end of the ordinary cigaret.

They are rolled by hand, and encased in the thinnest paper
in the world. No paste is used.

You can afford to go into this matter thoroughly. You can-
not afford not to, if you want to enjoy cigarets at their best,
without injury to your health or offense to your own sense of
refinement or that of your friends

We sell direct to consumers and first-class clubs, and at
wholesale prices. Your favorite club has them or will get
them for you, if you prefer to buy that way. We will gladly
send you full information about these cigarets, but the final
and only test, if you are in earnest, is a trial of the goods.
We take all the risk of this trial, so there is no reason why
you should delay it.

A New Kind of Offer

Send us your order for a trial hundred of the size and qual-
ity you prefer. Try the cigarets thoroughly, smoke the full
hundred if you like. Then, if you do not like them, tell us
and we will return your money. We do not ask the return
of the cigarets. We prefer to take our chances of your giv-
ing them to some one who will like them and who will order
more. Send an order now and get acquainted with real
cigaret luxury.

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