Harper's Weekly 11/07/1896



Produce each a disease
having definite pathology.
The disease yields easily
to the Double Chloride of
Gold Treatment as ad-
ministered at the following
Keeley Institutes.…

The United States

has adopted the Keeley treatment
in the Soldiers' Homes and in an
institution for exclusive use of the
Regular Army. Seven States
have legislated for the application
of this treatment to worthy indi-
gent inebriates.

It is a fact, known generally by well-in-
formed persons, that inebriety, morphine and
other drug addictions are diseases, not simply
habits, and to be cured they must receive
medical treatment.

The method of treatment originated by
Dr. Leslie E. Keeley, and administered only
at institutes authorized by him, cures these
diseases. This statement is easily substan-
tiated by facts. Three hundred thousand
cured men and women are glad to testify to
its truth.

The treatment at these institutes is pleasant.
The patient is subject to no restraint. It is
like taking a vacation of four weeks. He only
knows that he is cured.

Detailed information of this treatment, and
proofs of its success, sent free upon application
to any of the following institutes:

at either

West Haven, Conn.
Dwight, Ill.
Plainfield, Ind.
Crab Orchard, Ky.
New Orleans, La.
Lexington, Mass.
Detroit, Michigan.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Deering, Maine.
Kansas City, Mo.,
1815 Independence Av.

Newark, N. J.
15 Central Avenue.

Buffalo, N. Y.,
358 Niagara Street.

White Plains, N. Y.
Fargo, N. D.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Warren, Ohio.
Harrisburg, Pa.,
Cor. 4th and North Sts.

Philadelphia, Pa.,
812 N. Broad Street.

Pittsburg, Pa.,
4246 Fifth Avenue.

Providence, R. I.
306-308 Washington St.

Waukesha, Wis.

Address the Institute nearest you.

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