Harper's Weekly 12/29/1894


How to Cure Yourself while Using it.

The tobacco habit grows on a man until his
nervous system is seriously affected, impairing
health, comfort, and happiness. To quit sud-
denly is too severe a shock to the system, as
tobacco to an inveterate user becomes a stimu-
lant that his system continually craves. Baco-
Curo is a scientific cure for the tobacco habit
in all its forms, carefully compounded after the
formula of an eminent Berlin Physician who
has used it in his private practice since 1872,
without a failure; purely vegetable and guar-
anteed perfectly harmless. You can use all the
tobacco you want while taking Baco-Curo; it
will notify you when to stop. We give a written
guarantee to permanently cure any case with
three boxes, or refund the money with ten per
cent interest. Baco-Curo is not a substitute, but
a scientific cure, that cures without the aid of
will power and with no inconvenience. It leaves
the system as pure and free from nicotine as the
day before you took your first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggists, with our ironclad guarantee,
at $1.00 per box; three boxes (thirty days'
treatment), $2.50; or sent direct upon receipt of
price. Send 6 two-cent stamps for sample box.
Booklet and proofs free. Eureka Chemical &
M'f'g Co., M'f'g Chemists, La Crosse, Wis.

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